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While creatures continue to pour into the human city, the all-human Burgue parliament, led by Chancellor Absalom Breakspear Jared Harris , is divided over the question of immigration. Or do the humans, as the Hardtacker Party argues, owe nothing to the fae? Between the current American debates over immigration or, even more pertinently, the question of Brexit in the U. Get it? Kind of?

follow link So who do we need to know in this little drama? Not too bad! I suppose we should give a mention to street performer and mysterious figure Runyan Millworthy Simon McBurney , whose role in all of this may be hard to quantify without dipping into spoilers. Is That It? I mean, kind of? By Yohana Desta.

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By Joanna Robinson. Read More.


By Kenzie Bryant. By Erin Vanderhoof. By Eric Lutz. By Joe Pompeo. This gripping romantic novel is the sequel to The Girl of Fire and Thorns. The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson Ages 13—up Queen Elisa 17 heads off to enemy territory with her companions to rescue the man she loves.

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Aine is 16 years old. She found out she's a faerie. A banshee. She has to deal with that information and go to Ireland to figure out what she wants to do. The Faerie Chronicles Aine and Faerie Folk in one volume Book 1 as Faerie Lord Faerie Wars IV The Faerie Wars Chronicles, Faerie Wars Faerie Wars.

Meanwhile, a traitor at home plots to overthrow her. The journey takes the young sorcerer queen through the bitterly cold land of Invierne, where she she hopes to destroy the source of their magic and win peace, and to the Basajuan desert where peace will be even more difficult to attain. Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson Ages 13—up Leah 15 lives in an isolated part of Georgia with her ailing parents in the early s.

Leah has the ability to know when gold is near, and uses her talent to support her parents. When a gold rush hits Dahlonega, her parents are murdered, and Leah flees her uncle who wants to utilize her talents. Disguises as a boy, Leah joins a wagon train headed to California with her friend Jefferson, who is half-white and half-Cherokee.

This exciting adventure is the first in the Gold Seer trilogy. Graceling by Kristin Cashore Ages 14—up People with special talents, called Gracelings, are identified by their unusual eyes. Katsa has one green and one blue eye, but it is not until she is eight that her special talent is discovered—killing. By age 18 she is henchwoman to the king. Hating her job, Katsa creates a secret council to work against corrupt power.

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Teens and adults struggling to put their own talents to good use will enjoy this riveting novel. Fire by Kristin Cashore Ages 14—up Fire, an orphan with hair as red as her name, can control the minds of everyone around her. Young King Nash is barely holding on to his throne, while rebel lords in the north and south build armies in hopes of taking over the throne. This suspenseful and romantic companion volume prequel to Graceling , shares one pivotal character. Happenstance Found by P.

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Catanese Ages 8—12 Happenstance, a boy with weird green eyes, wakes up in a cave with no memories of his past life or his present surroundings. He meets Lord Umber, who seems to know as much about our world as his own. They discover that Hap has strange powers—he can see in the dark, speak many languages, and leap high in the air. First in a new series Books of Umber , this strange tale is action-packed and surprising. The house is build into a green hillside, and has a yew tree as one wall.

Clare discovers that the tree has a door, and Finn, a sort-of-human boy, lives on the other side. This luminous fantasy is often quite scary. The Testing is an intensive mental and physical trials to choose the best and the brightest youth to attend the university and work to repair the damage to their world by the Seven Stages of War. When Sefia is 15, Nin is kidnapped, leaving her completely alone.

None of her survival skills help her discover where Nin has been taken.

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By Pablo Cartaya. Life had been seeming a little too complex, a little too messy, and this was the perfect escape The whole mystery wraps up in an amusement park And he went on his round till he came to the end of the two hundred. The last ceremony of Taghairm was said to have been performed in Mull and was described in detail in the London Literary Gazelle larch

The only clue is the strange rectangular object her father left behind. She learns that the strange object, bound paper covered with symbols, is called a book. Reading and writing are unheard of in the land of Kelanna, but Sefia is determined to decipher the hidden secrets of the book. The twist is that the school caters to the descendents of the Greek gods and goddesses, cleverly mixing mythology into the usual high school cliques. Plain Alice is the bookish daughter of a sage who longs to continue in his footsteps but is kidnapped by a dragon in a case of mistaken identity.

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Princess Alice, heir to the kingdom of West Stahope is pursued by the treacherous Duke Geoffrey who hopes to take over the kingdom by marrying her. Together the three fight against their dangerous foes, learning that a combination of logic and bravery is the best defense. This alternative fairy tale is great fun. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco Ages 12—up When Tea accidentally resurrects her brother from the dead, Tea learns she is a bone witch, able to raise and control the dead. Her fearful power cause her to be ostracized by her community. An older bone witch takes Tea and her brother to another land for training.

This dark fantasy is the first in the Bone Witch series. His mother, a lapsed witch, had mocked the power of the coven, and Ryder is pretty sure she was right. But a terrifying new magic threatens the village and the coven, and Ryder must confront all his beliefs, even his hatred of the Baen. Frank depictions of violence are set in a dark fairy tale world.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

This blend of horror, humor, and science fiction is the first in the W. Every year 24 teenagers are chosen by lottery to fight in the Hunger Games, a reality TV show where the only rule is that you cannot eat the dead contestants. Katniss takes the place of her younger sister and is soon being groomed for maximum camera appeal. As Katniss struggles to win both the Games and audience approval, the reader is forced to confront the question: What happens if we choose entertainment over humanity? Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Ages 12—up Katniss Everdeen and won the annual Hunger Games against all odds and should be enjoying the new prosperity their win brought to their district.

And the upcoming Hunger games will be the 75th anniversary so there are sure to be some extra-special challenges for the next round of Hunger Game contestants. A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts: A Collection of Deliciously Frightening Tales by Ying Chang Compestine, Coleman Polhemus Ages 12—up This collection of eight gruesomely delightful tales feature hungry ghosts—the spirits of those who died hungry or unjustly and have returned to seek vengeance.

The chilling tales are illustrated with lurid images of the ghosts and their victims. When Cassia turns 17 she is Matched with her best friend Xander. But her neighbor Ky also shows up on her Match disk. She is amazed to find that Ky has a unique secret—creativity. As Cassia begins to understand that their are options other than being controlled by the Society, things get uncomfortable.

Cinder: Book One of the Lunar Chronicles (Paperback)

Reached by Ally Condie Ages 12—up Cassia, Ky, and Xander are separated, each doing their part as agents of the Rising rebellion, working against the repressive Society. An introduced plague saps the resources of the Society, allowing the Rising to step in with a cure and prove itself the better choice for the people. But the plague mutates out of control, and the trio work together to fight it.

This finale in the Matched trilogy follows Matched and Crossed. Experimenting with one of the spells in a old book, Mrs.

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Abernathy inadvertently opens the Gates of Hell and allows a powerful demon through. Unfortunately, she is already betrothed to Prince Thandilimon of neighboring Mynaria, where the practice of magic is banned. While some Believers follow instructions for preparing for the Rapture, others, like Vivian Apple 16 and her best friend Harpreet Janda have Rapture Eve parties.

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Returning home from a party, Vivian finds her parents missing, and two person-sized holes in the roof. Now 16 Stephen is alone in his Manhattan apartment, his father long gone and his mother dead. Then Elizabeth 16 and her family move into the building, having left Minnesota after her younger brother Laurie was badly beaten for being gay. Amazingly Elizabeth can see Stephen. The Awesome by Eva Darrows Ages 15—up Maggie Cunningham 17 has been raised by her monster-hunting single mother to be skilled in the art of combat, but not so good at social relationships.

Maggie has successfully battled ghosts and goblins, but finding herself a boyfriend may just be a task beyond her skills. Trying to fit in with normal girls, Maggie discovers that cleaning a gun blindfolded is not a valued attribute, but she is unprepared for long conversations about shoes. The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint, Charles Vess Ages 8—12 Lillian Kindred, an orphan living with her beloved aunt, spends her days exploring Tanglewood Forest, befriending the feral cats and imagining how wonderful it would be if the forest were full of fairies.

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One day Lillian is bitten by a snake, and the magical cats turn her into a kitten to save her life. Now Lillian must journey through the forest to negotiate with Old Mother Possum to restore the balance. Safiya is a Truthwitch, able to distinguish truth from lies, and Iseult, is a Threadwitch, able to see the invisible ties that connect the people around her.