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I have not gotten a totally horrible, spiteful, review, so have not had to deal with that. This is a no-brainer — marketing. The only comfort is how many other writers tell me the same thing. Oh yes. I want them to be realistic, so time, places, dates, have to be accurate, as well as descriptions of the areas in the story, and current lifestyle.

If you were going to commit the perfect murder, how would you go about it? Well, if we include law enforcement in general, there was the time I was flying out of Detroit and in the last minute rush threw a large tube of toothpaste in the top of my carry-on bag. Oh boy. Is he the same one living with you? Yes, I do!

see It is much better than a lot of stuff out there. However, I also know my limitations. There are many writers that do things with much more depth and research, and combined with their writing talent, are in a class far different than my own.

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I will never be David McCullough. Many things, including my own stupidity. I love to take walks or hikes. Several years ago without much forethought I found myself alone on a deserted trail skirting around huge boulders. Here I was trying to figure out how to get down, about twenty feet up on a rocky ledge about wide enough for my feet, and if I fell, nobody knew where I was. Since everything turned out okay the memory makes me laugh. What a dufus. Anyone who reads my work will pick up on that. If you must apply a label, I am a professing Christian, but that term has been mutilated a lot.

Thanks, Mary Jo for being with us. September 27, By Massimo Marino 14 Comments. Tell us about your most recent release. A lovely mystery!

It has a comfortable pace, interesting investigations and characters you want to get to know better. I received a free copy of this book with no strings attached. Aug 20, Jeremiah rated it really liked it. Death of Amelia I liked this book very much. The writer wrote clear and direct sentences.

The story line was very good also and I didn't know "who done it". Nov 26, Janette rated it did not like it Shelves: susp-mystery , fiction , On Kindle--so poorly written that I stopped reading it! Where's the editor??? What did I think?

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That's a difficult question to answer about this book. It was long over pages , but read more like a diary of a woman rather than a murder mystery. I'm certain that this book will appeal to many, but it's just not my type of reading. Slow moving, drawn out, and, in places, rather boring. Reminded me of Dickens' writings Amelia Marsh is fun to read and held my interest.

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I'm not murder-mystery reader but still enjoyed reading it. The characters are believable, and I came to care about them as people. I appreciate that this book is clean and the emphasis on clean-living. In my opinion the writing is better than most Christian fiction writers. Would it be a better with a different publisher and editing? I was kindly given this book by the author. Aug 25, Graham rated it really liked it.

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I quite liked this book and went on to read a couple of others by the same author. I'm not really sure why I like them. The style is sometimes a bit stilted with occasional awkward bits, but the main characters are drawn quite well and are quite likeable. The mystery part is quite well done - must have been or it wouldn't have kept me interested until the end of the book.

Not perfect, but worth reading.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "What a wonderful book. This is the best book I've read since Morning Glory. I look forward to reading more of her books. Why would someone want to murder Sally Nimitz' charming eighty-year-old Start reading The Death of Amelia Marsh (Sally Nimitz Mysteries Book 1) on your .

Dec 27, Lisa C. I can't see all the glowing reviews for this book. It was extremely boring, too many minor details spelled out and the mystery part of it wasn't that interesting. I read the first half and then just jumped to the end to see whodunit. I won't be reading any more about Sally Nimitz. This book was delightful. The writing style was perfect for the voice of the main character, and all of the characters were interesting.

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There are a few editing hitches but it took me back to one of my favorite cozy writers, Virginia Rich. Sally Nimitz discovers the body of her next door neighbour - eighty-year-old Amelia Marsh - who has been murdered. She decides that only by discovering details of Ameila's distant past can she determine who killed her. Mar 01, Diane Wachter rated it liked it Shelves: mystery , christian-fiction , ebook. An elderly woman invites her neighbor over, but when Sally arrives, the elderly woman is dead, violently murdered, but nothing is missing except her bible and her datebook planner.

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This was kind of a gentle read and the characters were likable. It could have been a bit shorter and could have benefited from some more stringent editing. A nice story but the English bits seem to be a bit Dick van Dyke ;. Fun woman detective novel for women readers over Fun for men, too. This was a very readable book.

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I enjoyed it very much. Jul 20, Lorene Evans rated it it was amazing. Awesome A really great book. I enjoyed reading it very much fast page Turner I enjoyed the characters you feel like you are there with them.. Sooooo very boring. Apr 18, dollie ledford rated it it was amazing. A bitter sweet story I enjoyed reading this book.

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It could have been a bit shorter and could have benefited from some more stringent editing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Last question! Skin by A. Death in a Cold Spring. Barber What happened to fiction author Dennis Ridge?

It was thought-provoking, wondering why things happen, the way things turn out in the lives of other people. A sad life for some and happiness for others. Sally was a very thorough detective. I enjoyed her trip to England. Apr 19, Jean rated it it was amazing. A Delightful Cozy Mystery It has been a while since I have read a cozy mystery as well written as this one! Mary Jo Dawson created characters who are realistic and charming. The story did not seem formulaic. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Christian Fiction.

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