The Billionaires Birthday Bang (M/M Gay Billionaire Sex Fiction)

Tech billionaire pays $10K to die and have his brain uploaded online
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The phrase means: Fever , home of the really good current music. On the rare occasions when he actually gets homesick, he picks up the latest issue of "Bombay Badonkadonks" and performs Bollywood dancing. He is hypocritically sensitive to others' racist jokes about India, though he is not above making derogatory remarks about India, or, in his view, "Gandhi-ville".

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Raj also claims he can hold out from noxious gases because he grew up in India. Raj likes to say that he comes from the "exotic" subcontinent of India and had to overcome poverty and prejudice, to make himself appear interesting and mystical, especially when he is womanizing. More often than not, he likes to be associated with "Slumdog Millionaire", except when Howard's mother says it.

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Much like how Howard rarely follows kosher, Rajesh eats beef and believes that some of the Hindu Code of Manu is crazy. Raj also has an extremely ambiguous attitude and opinion of his own country and upbringing, which primarily depends on the situation he finds himself in and how it would benefit him. He believes that his most flattering quality for women is not an aspect of his own character, but the fact that he has vastly rich parents. As stated before, he enjoys portraying himself as a child of poverty who heroically journeyed to America to reach for the stars, but what puts him at the opposite end of this spectrum is his rich parentage.

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He portrayed himself as such because it makes him appear heroic. Rajesh also tends to heavily rely on his family's wealth for his own lifestyle, often wielding the family fortunes extravagantly. He enjoys his privileged lifestyle to such an extent that, when he wanted something off his father he offered to cut off the cleaning lady so that he could provide for himself, then muttering to Cinnamon that they were both going to be living like animals.

Much like Howard would only consider that either his mother or Bernadette would do housework, or any work around his living space, Raj essentially never pays to survive - his parents pay his insurances and rent and he pays someone to buy food and even walk his dog. This leads to the speculation that, even though Raj is an adult, he acts like a spoiled child. In addition, Raj could be extremely pompous when it suited him: he referred to Priya as his baby sister , and when he discovered Leonard was having an affair with her, he verbally forbade it and voiced that he apparently had authority over their relationship.

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In this same incident, he used Sheldon 's claim that Indian women's relationship could be controlled by the older male relative Meaning that, in order to adhere to this rule that he would have to be loyal to Indian custom , only to arrogantly brush aside Priya's pointing out that he was currently eating meat not permitted in his culture He claimed, when faced with this, that he could avoid certain regulations of his culture if he considered it crazy.

His protectiveness of his sister, or his view of her in general, is laughable in some respects - when he tells Howard to stay away from Priya and stated that she was way hotter than Howard's girlfriend, the exact second after Howard agreed with him Raj snapped, "Dude, that's my sister you're talking about!

He used to have a psychological condition called selective mutism, a recognized social anxiety disorder which rendered him unable to talk to women with the exception of family members, who were seemingly unaware of his condition, and deaf women, as seen in " The Wiggly Finger Catalyst " when he could talk in front of Emily , although he quickly learned that he was able to temporarily overcome this problem by consuming either alcohol-containing foods and medicine or experimental anti-anxiety medication.

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  • Tech billionaire pays $10K to die and have his brain uploaded online.
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Unfortunately, the alcohol altered his personality and the medications tended to have side effects, such as involuntary face and hand motions, loss of rationality, or jovially stripping naked in public without cognizance of its inappropriate nature. Raj was also able to speak in the presence of women if they were part of a crowd, if he was unaware of their presence, or if he believed that he has been drinking alcohol a placebo effect, as seen in " The Terminator Decoupling " when he was able to talk to Summer Glau while drinking beer, but when Howard pointed out that the beer was non-alcoholic, he could no longer speak to her.

Raj noted, however, that this obstacle was an improvement over his previous affliction, in which the presence of women would cause him to lose bladder control, a condition mostly remedied by the meditation methods of ancient Indian gurus. He does still have a "nervous bladder" in the sense that he gets an urge to relieve himself when under stress.

As of season 7, he no longer requires alcohol in order to speak in front of females though it did temporarily return when he first tried to have sex with his arranged bride Anu.

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One of Raj's primary personality quirks beside his selective mutism is his tendency to speak or act inappropriately in most situations. One primary example of the latter was when, in " The Love Car Displacement ", he enters Leonard and Penny's room while they are about to have sex, climbs into bed and goes to sleep, completely unaware of what he interrupted. On another occasion, he openly acknowledged having had crushes on Penny and Bernadette directly in front of them, simultaneously making them uncomfortable and making Amy upset, and fails to recognize Amy's change in mood despite Penny and Bernadette's discreet efforts to indicate it to him.

Seen in " The Santa Simulation ". Raj and his friends also have made suggestions like running around with a van to pick up children for their proposed comic book shop and enticing them with Candy unknowningly suggesting pedophilia. He complains that he is lonely, which leads to Raj hating himself and needing to be reassured of his value. While usually sweet, Raj sometimes smiles at his friends' misfortunes. Whenever Raj gets an idea or wants to say something slightly controversial in a conversation, he whispers it in Howard or someone else's ear whenever a woman is around.

Howard does refuse to say it out loud because he finds it stupid, offensive, or inappropriate, but he ends up saying it anyway through scoffing at Raj. He also has arguments with Howard often, being akin to those of a married couple. He is noted for using "gangsta" slang, such as "fo' shizzle" and repeatedly using the word "dude". Raj is a man of ideal weight and is also average height for an Indian man, originally in his mid-twenties, but he is in his late thirties by the end of the series.

He's 5'7" 1. He is normally seen wearing a layered combination of a shirt, a sweater vest, and a windbreaker with cargo pants and skate shoes; he wore a red baseball cap in the Pilot. Raj also straightens his hair until the last season. Raj always communicates with his parents, Dr. Koothrappali back in India over Skype, via webcam. They constantly try to arrange dates for him. Raj's parents want their son to marry a woman of Indian descent and give them grandchildren. Koothrappali is especially worried that despite Raj being old enough to marry, the closest they have to a daughter-in-law is "that Jewish boy," Howard.

When they become meddling or judgmental, he often "brings his parents" into Leonard and Sheldon 's apartment via his MacBook Pro, to seek his friends' support in the discussion. Like his "baby sister" Priya , whom he is very protective of, Raj calls his parents "mummy" and "daddy".

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Not much of Raj's family is known so far. In " The Guitarist Amplification ", Raj tried to avoid going to his wedding, but eventually accepted his parents' offer. He has poor negotiation skills, even admitting that he is useless when Raj was trying to negotiate for a jet ski. In " The Griffin Equivalency ", Rajesh points out that his limo is bigger than the house that his grandfather grew up in and has more food too, suggesting that his family was not always wealthy.

In " The Alien Parasite Hypothesis ", Raj mentions that Type 2 diabetes runs in his family, but he has no symptoms so far. In " The Septum Deviation ", Raj is worried about what to get his parents for their fortieth wedding anniversary. It seems over the years they did not communicate and let a lot of little things boil over until they hated each other. His mother may have also been seeing someone else. Raj leaves to help his friends deal with a stray pigeon and his father is left with Amy and Penny and her boring Victorian parlor games.

In " The Graduation Transmission ", Raj's father threatens to cut him off after he spends too much of their money on a drone which was meant to be used to pay Raj's monthly rent.


Halfway through the season, everyone discovers that Raj can actually talk to a woman by being drunk or on drugs, as evidenced when Penny gives him a cocktail while going through bar tending training. He says that McClane is going to do the tasks he assigns him. Womack tells Stanley that San Francisco's Alcatraz Island has been taken hostage, along with 81 tourists, by marine General Francis Xavier Hummel who, for years, has been protesting the government's refusal to pay benefits to families of war veterans who died during covert military operations. To her, there is one correct interpretation of the Potter stories, and she is the arbiter of it. Captain James T.

After flattering both parents, Raj ends up with a huge increase in allowance from both his divorced parents. In " The Allowance Evaporation ", Raj after meeting his ex-girlfriends who said he was too spoiled and a Momma's boy, tells his father that he was no longer taking any money from him. His father was delighted that his last only unmarred offspring was going to stand on his own two feet. In season 12, he asks his father to find hi a wife and he ends up going with Anu. Leonard and Raj meet at the University as shown in a flashback in " The Staircase Implementation " and it was made clear in " The Jerusalem Duality ", both Raj and Howard like Leonard, and only hung out with Sheldon because they had no other choice, the two are shown to be best friends.

Though, Raj takes delight in Leonard's problems with Penny and becomes somewhat adversarial with him when he dates his sister, Priya.

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Raj feels jealous when Leonard and Howard use his ideas for fun and exclude him. Raj has said that Leonard only hangs out with him if he has no other options, and has missed him " The Spaghetti Catalyst ". They normally try to help each other. Since Leonard is not in Apartment 4A, Raj envisions them living together; however, Leonard is fat due to Raj's cooking and Leonard's loneliness; Leonard makes Raj fat in the story to make things even.

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While there, they both agree that they are smarter than Howard, and that he was the one indirectly responsible for letting the bird inside. Leonard wants to do it with his laser, but Bert declines. Generally, Raj is much more patient with Sheldon than Leonard , Howard and Penny - although this fact is partly because Sheldon does not criticize him quite as often as the others, they are best friends. When asked, he mentions it is because of his belief in Karma.

Sheldon , however, appears oblivious, as he once tried to cut off Raj from his circle of friends to make room for Barry Kripke and because Raj got one answer for his questionnaire wrong. Raj was terrified at the prospect of losing Sheldon as a friend, and later worries whether he is merely the "treasured acquaintance. Whenever Raj is upset, Sheldon brings him a hot beverage to console him, although this act is because his mother would make him. In " The Roommate Transmogrification ", Raj proves to be a better roommate to Sheldon than Leonard was, as he goes out of his way to impress him.

Considering Raj a good friend, Sheldon enjoys the ethnic diversity he brings about in the group and the fact that he too likes monkeys and trains. In the episode " The Pirate Solution ", when Raj's research hits a dead end, Sheldon offers Raj a chance to work for him, which he later accepts. Raj started working for Sheldon, and they occasionally clash.

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They also have a geek war over the overly large desk Raj moved into his office - although Raj at first seems to be winning, their attempts to one-up one another eventually cause the office to explode. This action is seen in " The Hot Troll Deviation ".

Even after Sheldon takes over a new office and Raj gets to keep the one they share for himself, they still work together on some occasions, including staying at the university's observatory lab to discover an asteroid, and running a simulation for when they have to go inside a mine later. Sheldon immediately tells Raj that he can't go to Comic-Con this that year. Penny is Raj's best female friend that Raj has, though he has only been able to talk to her when drunk. Penny sometimes tries to make Raj speak, but mostly feels sorry for him, such as by calling him a strange little man, damaged, and even kissing him on the cheek, while Raj believes her to be considerate of him. He tried to apologize by note, but Penny forced him to say the apology while sober. In " The Roommate Transmogrification ", Raj and Penny hooked up while they were drunk and had sex with each other before falling asleep, and, while they were leaving the bedroom after waking up hours later, ran into Howard , Leonard , and Sheldon.

Raj asks Penny not to tell anyone about this incident, to which Penny agrees. They accept to go back to being just friends. She agreed that he could tell others that "their light shone too quickly and brightly", but couldn't tell people that he "ruined her for white guys". She wants to find him a girlfriend, but twice her attempts fail. In " The Bon Voyage Reaction ", Penny comforts Raj after Lucy breaks up with him, during which they realized the breakup allowed him to start talking to women without alcohol.

In " The Hook-up Reverberation ", Penny is mad that Raj told his girlfriend, Emily , about their "hook up", since Emily hates her for it. Raj first takes credit for the discovery until Penny demands that he be fair about it.