Smooth is Fast Autocross Performance: Daily Practice

Everyone says “looser is faster”. But, is it though?
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2017 Summer Autocross Programs

Sounds of Peace by Sound of Peace. The debut album by veteran electronic music producers Lau and Rene balances funky grooves with chill atmosphere. Some prevention can save you allot of money later. I saw a car's rear axle break but it was questionable in appearance before the event. Some of these car's sometimes look home made and are not street legal, their owner's trail them to the events.

THis is my first season of AutoX, I've done about 7 events and just put on new lighter wheels and Azenis. But my pre-season tune up was expensive. I haven't had any problems, I change the oil a little sooner because in AutoX the car runs hard and then sits in summer heat and then all over again. I am getting a clutch squeal from launching which I'll have to have my mechanic take a look at. Find More Posts by oscar. I'm just the same experience as Oscar on this. Autocrossing will add more stress to your car, but that's common sense.

If well maintained, you'll more than likely have no problems. Keep the mods low, and you're chances of realiablity will increase. Even after my run in with the fence, I can still say autocross helped me out. At least I know what I did wrong, and know what I could've done. Of course, there is a slight element of risk as there is in any dynamic auto activity, but autocross courses are laid out so that the risk is minimal and the fun factor is really, really big.

Many autocrossers have a dedicated set of tires just for racing. If you are still concerned about safety or would like to get some driving instruction from a seasoned veteran autocrosser, why not attend an autocross driving school?

Evolution Performance Driving Schools

These are held around the Northwest during the racing season. Our club has adopted a new rule that allows drivers to ride with each other. This enables everyone to accellerate their autocross learning curve by helping each other. Running higher air pressure will greatly increase the life of your tires and also improve the performance level of your car. Normally, autocrossers run approximately 10 pounds more of air pressure than is recommended by the vehicle manufacture especially on front wheel drive cars where front tire pressure should be at least 40psi when racing.

Some drivers use racers tape duct tape on the inside of the wheel wells and on other areas of the car that might receive a rock chip from running sticky tires.


But probably the most important thing you can do is work on your driving skills. There is a melding of ages and a glimmering of camaraderie between all the participants that is rare in other endeavors of this day and age that bring adults and youth together. Autocrossers make great role models and autocrossing is wonderful way to erase the lines that separate the ages. And, if your teenager already drives fast…too fast, introduce them to autocrossing.

Autocrossing provides a legal way for them to take out their youthful energy and automotive enthusiasm in a safe and nondestructive way. Don't use your tires as brakes! In a steady state turn, once you have established the correct steering input to maintain that arc, lifting the throttle slightly will let the car tuck in closer to the inside cones. Conversely, slightly increasing the throttle will push the car out a bit farther to avoid inside cones. It is much easier to make small corrections in position with slight variations in the tires' slip angle that's what you are doing with the throttle than with the steering wheel.

If the car is using all of the tire's tractive capacity to corner, there is none left for additional acceleration. At corner exit, as you unwind the wheel, you make some available. If you do not unwind the wheel, the tire will start to slide and the car will push out see 6 above.

You will be addicted!

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Hey man, your gonna have a blast, my advice to you is walk the track as much as you can before you race and ask the fast guys if you can ride along with them, this really helped me out. Most people their are really friendly and will give you pointers. Other than that don't worry and just have fun. For example, on a road course you have pavement edged by curbs, grass, run-offs, trees, barriers, etc.

9.) Shifting efficiently in manual mode with an automatic

After already garnering 5 national titles in 3 different disciplines over the years, I believed I could quickly take that experience into a big formula open wheeled car series and do pretty well. The Motor Affair. Speed Secrets Podcast. The Challenger Hellcat loved that track. That was my first mistake, assuming that some talent in other race disciplines was enough. Your second priority should be to take it easy initially, drive the course correctly and focus on not overcooking it entering the turns.

It's very easy to see the paved course. With autocross, the course is delineated by cones. You have pavement on either side of the cones. And the course tends to double back over itself. While doing a walk thru, it is very easy to see the course, but at speed--at times, all you will see is a mess of cones.

The smaller the course, the bigger the mess--especially in the middle sections. You will more than likely get 6, 8 or even 12 runs. So, use your first two runs to "see" and memorize the course layout.

After you can see the course, then you can concentrate on your line. After you can carry a good line, you can then work on your speed. Keep trying.

A Peak Into the Mind of Jake Rozelle and his C5Z Corvette

So: 1 "See" the course. Your 1st experience may be more frustrating and embarrassing than you had expected. Don't give up. Keep going back. Frustration turns into skill. Embarrassment turns into speed. Skill and speed equal fun. Note that alignment is important but if you use a separate set of tires for racing balance isn't' overly important , Brakes in working order!! These parts have heavy loads placed on them and need to be in good condition to keep the tires flat on the pavement.