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Interesting enough, ear is also one of the main point for tracking body parts which I thought only on the feet. It is totally painless process and more fascinating as on the sticker point they stock on, was told to press 30 times different people different x amount of times. As I press on the point, it become sourish and slight pain on a point that shows my stomach have indigestion problem which the sifu mention during my pulse reading.

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Ear Acupuncture helps by relieve migraine, fatique and also improve overall health. After this treatment, I received 3 days of traditional medicine. Will head back for consultancy and what kind of treatment will be good for my stomach. A few more outlets in KL in the pipeline. Tried out ear acupuncture at 1tcm. Instead of using needles, small seeds were placed at specific points on the ear to treat various health issues such as insomnia, stress, pain, digestive disorders and improve overall health.

This needle free treatment is simple only takes few minutes and completely painless. So hari ini abam nak share ttg experience abam buat EarAccupuncture dekat 1tcm.

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Hughes, B. Although initially it was a very scary situation, it eventually became a. On top of this, add to taste,. It took ten days to expel the tumour from her body. Su como usted leer! In biblical times, transporting a sick person was a big challenge. Kim, J.

So treatment dia sgt bagus sbb dia tidak mengunakan jarum tapi kesan dia sgt baik. So korang yg takut jarum boleh cuba treatment ni tau.. Visited newly opened 1tcm. Pain Management the natural way , its my first experience treatment acupunture. They provide professional consultation and treatment Traditional Chinese Medicine. Get your natural safe treatment by 1tcm. Thanks to 1tcm. Tried out their ear acupuncture during their opening at Aeon Wellness Bukit Tinggi yesterday.

Many treatment options are available such as acupuncture, massage, acupressure, cupping, and more.

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Repost zandra. Pertama di Malaysia tuuuuu. Serba lengkap ya dengan bilik pemeriksaan, bilik rawatan dan pengendali terlatih. Harga asal RM 68 kut. Kena rembat cepat-cepat kat 1tcm. Rawatan 1TCM bukan aje itu. Boleh jugak untuk kecantikkan selain nak sihat tau. Boleh slimming, anjal pom pom Dan kebabom! Menariknya aeonmembers dapat menikmati lebih harga percuma.

Maklumat lebih lanjut boleh lah ke FB aeonwellnessmy dan 1tcm. Hi Guys!!! Wow kan! While internal therapies use herbs taken orally. I was suffering from irritable bowel symtoms. Byk tak penyakit Abam? They placed a few patches at my ears as part of the ear acupuncture treatment. And sejujurnya you all can feel the difference in less then half an hour!! Tak tipu ye.. Get your natural and safe treatments from 1TCM, where modern science meets ancient traditional medicine! This treatment was done by the professional sinsei using traditional Chinese medicine to improve the clinical treatments.

Interesting part is there are more treatment available including acupuncture for slimming, acupressure, Chinese cosmetology and more. Hah, to know more about the treatment, you need to check it out at the 1tcm. Remember to to check out for more pictures during the treatment.

Weekend was well-spent at 1tcm. You must be wondering if it means putting needles around the ears? It is a needleless therapeutic method to relieve migraine, fatigue and improve overall health. Painless, fast yet effective, it just requires few minutes to diagnose my health issue based on my pulse and then stick the "mini medicinal plaster" around my ear area.

Swipe left to check out how it looks like. I also get 3-day post-treatment Chinese medication for consumption at home after that. Congratulations to 1tcm. Well when comes to acupuncture the first thing that pops up in your mind is needle, right. To my surprise this treatment is painless because their ear acupuncture technique is needleless.

After the treatment I also received 3 days of Chinese medication to bring home. Tak pernah buat akupuntur.

Tak buat sebab takut dengan jarum haha. Harini waktu keluar dating dengan wife, terjumpa satu promo menarik iaitu Ear Acupunture treatment dekat 1tcm.

Menariknya, Ear Acupunture treatment ni tak menggunakan jarum, tetapi menggunakan biji kecil seperti biji benih yang ditampal di point-point dibahagian telinga yang didapati bermasalah. Tak sakit beb! Akhirnya dapat la merasa akupuntur. Pakar akan diagnos dahulu apa masalah pada badan, dan kemudian akan tampal beberapa biji kecil yang merupakan herba di bahagian telinga kita.

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Macam uncle ni, dah tua. So cepat penat. Sempena promosi pembukaan ni, harga promo serendah RM18 je untuk satu sesi, dan dapat supply ubat herba untuk 3 hari. Harga biasa RM Jom cuba Ear Acupunture untuk gaya hidup lebih sihat.

The magic of cinnamon and honey肉桂粉和蜂蜜的神奇功效 (养生秘诀 Book 7)

Assalamualaikum semua. Hari ni kami sekeluarga mencuba rawatan alternatif untuk menjaga kesihatan, agar kehidupan lebih seimbang. Harga RM 18 sahaja sempena promosi pembukaan. Rawatan ini sesuai untuk seisi keluarga. Anak ruby pun buat. Tiada kesakitan, hanya kejutan. Teknik kali ini tidak menggunakan sebarang jarum, tetapi menggunakan biji bersaiz biji benih ditampal di lokasi point yang hanya diketahui oleh pakar.

Slide kiri until gambar rawatan yang kami lakukan. It's my first time trying the ear acupuncture here at 1tcm. It's a Traditional Chinese Treatment that helps to promote optimum inner health!

It's simple and pain free! Calling out to all Klang residents! Took some me time to check my health at 1tcm.

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They believe in providing the best professional advice and natural treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Mendapat rawatan akupuntur di 1tcm. Dikendalikan oleh juruterapi yang cukup profesional membantu kita mengenali dan memahami simpton atau penyakit yang kita alami. Seperti saya yang sering mengalami kelesuan badan dan mudah letih kerana kurang tidur.