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Two new homeowners work to restore their neighboring, derelict homes, but one of the renovations falls seriously behind and ultimately leads to murder.

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With the help of his gun, he sends the abusive husband packing, and becomes smitten with the wife left behind - all of which turns deadly. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. What are reading intentions? Audible Download Audio Books. A TV series where individuals share their perspectives of loved ones who performed horrific acts of crime. The kind big enough to hold body parts. Technical Specs.

A single mom and her four children find an ideal home in New Orleans. But when a robbery at a neighbor's house results in paranoia, blood is shed. Siblings in neighboring houses feud after their prodigal brother returns home. After his daughter accuses a neighbor of molesting her, New Jersey police officer Edward Lutes descends into paranoia and bizarre behavior, which erupts on one tragic Spring day. In Minnesota, a dispute begins when a man catches Lyme disease from the deer fed by his neighbor. The feud escalates as their families join in, and only ends after shots are fired.

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A dispute over access to a road causes tension between two Lopico, California neighbors. The men's feud leads to property damage, a backhoe attack, and ultimately, murder. Two young couples in an Idaho apartment building cope with a difficult neighbor who dislikes one couple's music and the other couple's dog.

Tensions eventually lead to a violent rampage. After the death of her husband, a woman becomes an obsession for her overly flirtatious neighbor. When her brother moves in to offer protection, it isn't long before a deadly confrontation ensues. An Appalachian couple is happy when their old neighbors return home after disappearing for a decade. But people can change in ten years - and not necessarily for the better.

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Grieving the loss of their son, a couple is thrilled when a family with two boys moves in across the street. But when the relationship sours, tensions build and bullets fly.

'Fear Thy Neighbor' film shoot brings simulated gunfire to Hamilton Mountain

When one neighbor's dog scares the daughter and grandson of the other, an all-out war begins - one which someone won't survive. A single mother gets along with her handyman neighbor, until her new boyfriend adopts more than 50 dogs. As accusations turn to threats, increasing anger ultimately leads to a bloody conclusion.

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A disabled fireman polices his neighbors, punishing them for violations ranging from loud music to off-leash dogs. Tensions boil over at a birthday party, where shots are fired and blood is spilled. After moving to the countryside, a couple clashes with the gun shop owners across the street; mutual video cameras record threats, fights and growing hostilities leading to shots fired and blood spilled.

pt.akurytex.ga A man finds himself living between hostile neighbors on both sides, including a former U. A wealthy executive causes conflict after forbidding his neighbors access to his extensive lands; one local handyman fights to keep the roads and trails open for all, a struggle that ends when one man lies dead.

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Two women in neighboring apartments become fast friends before becoming sworn enemies; the women enlists their sisters as reinforcements in a war that escalates and ends in horrifically shocking violence. Two families with several children between them get along famously until one of the mothers starts to dictate to the other how she should be raising her kids. Battle lines are drawn, violence flares, and blood runs in the street.

After an early retirement, a man buys a duplex and rents half of it out to a troubled family.

With the help of his gun, he sends the abusive husband packing, and becomes smitten with the wife left behind - all of which turns deadly. Two neighboring bachelors start out as friends; harmless banter turns into threats eventually igniting an escalating war; the violence ends with a murder so shocking it is almost beyond belief. Homeowner Irving Galarza hopes the renters who move into the house beside him will be better behaved than the previous tenants.

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Read the guide. Your reading intentions are private to you and will not be shown to other users. World Policy Journal compares data from eight European countries, and concludes there's little connection between refugees, crime rates, and xenophobia.

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