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But it doesn't take long before he just kind jerks himself around and fails to destroy anything. Assuming I'm allowed to and other people who've run kickstarter projects please fill me in if I'm wrong I would like to offer all of these as add ons. Carina Press. The two regions were also the homeland of the ogres. It is unknown if anything remains of the Laughing Skull clan. Karnaze [General Goods].

Her lip curled even as she took note that David had just approached from the west. Pretty much. But they did usually agree on things that kept Rowan safe. Saf er. Rowan kept her gaze on the window where the light had just clicked off. I told him that. So tell me about the overall security. If these people are his professional protection here in London, I have some thoughts.

It took them twenty-three minutes to send someone into the bathroom. David agreed with a slight nod. He convinced them to drive me and the bags to the house. But she needed to sneak around a bit on her own. Needed to settle in to London on her terms. It was easy enough—second nature really—to handle surveillance and intelligence gathering. But London was a city with a lot of cameras in a lot of places.

Is it insane? Will it make me nervous?

See a Problem?

David wisely held his tongue. He tried to snarl so she used her free hand to cuff his other ear.

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All she wanted to do was have a quiet evening, but no. Of course she had to get jumped by this jittery moron. Who made you? I can pop that shoulder out of joint for hours and hours. Rowan shrugged. Okay then, Sketch, talk or die. Hungry and angry. That will get you executed. Also, I grew up in a Vampire household. I know a few things about you. Like how when a human is Made, the maker needs to educate the fledgling.

Blade's Edge

Who is it? Some woman. We met at a nightclub. We went back to my flat. Had a one-night stand. She bit me. And bit me more. And then she left. I thought I was going to die. But this happened instead. You need to be taken care of so you can survive. She reached into her pocket and dialed Warren Farrelly, the Scion of Europe. Warren spoke to someone quickly and then got back on the phone.

I appreciate your restraint with him. A twitchy, slightly sketchy puppy. You have a Vampire not only feeding from humans without consent, but making Vampires without consent and abandoning them. Warren sighed. Work for me. No questions asked. The more thinking she did, the more she realized Hunter Corp.

Because someone, something needed to balance the power Vampires had. The passion and skill level existed if everyone was willing to take out the trash and change things. Clive would pop a vein if she took a job with another Vampire. As amusing as that was to envision, she had to shut that down. In the background Warren had been giving orders as he listened. Three minutes later he came back to her. Bonita will be arriving presently to collect him.


Vampires and their bullshit were always getting in her way. This one is a recent problem. Giving her respect as she would have another Vampire of her station. Her life—and his because he was her valet—was full of danger of the sort they just dealt with. And worse.

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He had to be capable of defending himself as well as holding his own on a team. But in person it was even lovelier. The kind of home she knew graced magazine spreads. A nervous flush settled on her cheeks. A white stone townhouse similar to most in the neighborhood. It murmured class and elegance because screaming money was crass. The black lacquer front door was bookended by large ceramic planters with the Stewart crest on them. It slid open silently to reveal a man in his midfifties wearing a fantastic gray suit.

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He smiled before bowing low and straightening in one, graceful roll. Summerwaite, welcome. Please, do come inside.

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This was quiet elegance. The wood floors gleamed, as did the stairs of the curved, wrought iron staircase. Rather than a tight spiral, it was a lazy curve upward two more floors.

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Clive had been essentially in the next in line seat for a Scion position for nearly two centuries. And The First had given him North America. The new world for the new Scion. Neither was all that new as things went, but Rowan knew Theo saw the poetry in such a move. Most rooms with the word formal attached to them were anything but inviting or comfortable. But the room managed to be warm and intimate while retaining the overall flavor of the house. All the networks in the house have been set for your use. He urged me to reiterate that this was your home too and he expected you to make use of it.

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But before she could apologize for her snark, Betchamp chuckled. Betchamp led them through a living room that had a grand piano in a far corner. Comfortable clusters of chairs and couches spread through the room. A lot of windows for the abode of a Vampire.