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There is also a second ornamental form, the Plakat Kmer or "Cambodian" form. In Australia Betta splendens are commonly called "the Siamese Fighting Fish" but that name should be restricted to the Plakat Morh, the true fighting fish that were bred from the wild forms for gaming. The most appropriate name to use is 'Betta' or plural, 'Bettas' which derives from the generic name, Betta.

When reference is made to the species, the name Betta splendens is used.

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Betta in italic print refers to the genus and Betta in plain print is used as a common name. Only some males of selected, domestic breeds having long, flowing fins. Bettas live short lives and breed quickly.

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They live to about 18 months to two years in captivity. These ornamental varieties are slender and have many forms of fin type, colour and body pattern. The various Types are shown from this link. Plakat Morh have a stocky, bullish look, with a pug-nose and a slightly humped back while the so-called wild form is thinner and shows no more aggression to its own kind than most other anabantids.

Some short, round-tailed forms are sold as "Plakats".

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Natural Habitat : Occurs in standing waters of floodplains, canals and rice paddies; benthopelagic; freshwater; pH range: 6. Water conditions in habitats is often oxygen depleted. The air above the water is always warm and humid.

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Conservation Status : Unknown. Tank bred specimens are popular as a pet. Size: Max. May live longer in good aquaculture. Tank Habitat : As Bettas are air breathers, the tank must be fitted with a close-fitting lid and must have an air space between it and the water so that the fish breathe humid air of the same temperature as the water.

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These fish will survive in limited space or water with low oxygen levels. However, holding male Bettas in very small containers should be discouraged; a well planted tank is best.

Frequent water changes are essential, with well conditioned, chlorine and chloramine free water used and care taken to adjust for temperature and p H. Tank maintenance for healthy Bettas. Diet : Omnivorous; small insects, insect larvae and crustaceans; adapts well to flake foods, pellets and frozen foods such as beef-heart mixes; condition for breeding by feeding brine shrimp or black worms. Some domestic strains have females as colourful as the males but these females usually show horizontal markings when ready for breeding. Keeping the Beautiful Betta The "Siamese Fighting Fish" is a fascinating fish to keep- not for fighting but for the pleasure of enjoying its beautiful form and iridescent colouring. Regardless of their common name, Bettas are not aggressive species EXCEPT for mature males which flare and contend with any mature male Betta that they come across. They are peaceful towards other fishes and in a community tank they are often timid and hide. Males certainly show 'attitude' when another Betta is close- even displaying to their own reflection. I do not support exploiting any animals in fighting or for gambling and blood sports.

Enjoy keeping Bettas but create a suitable habitat for them. Keeping Bettas in very small containers for all of their lives is a cruel, deplorable practice and is to be discouraged. Bettas are anabantids, belonging to a special group of fishes that have a secondary breathing organ- the labyrinth organ- that enables them to breathe air directly from the surface of the water.

You can have a healthy betta, but persistent myths often lead to improper care.

This enables them to live in oxygen depleted water. It is this factor than enables them to also survive in small amounts of water or in oxygen depleted pools. Like all fishes, they need space in which to swim and to carry out their lives - and surely that is our aim in keeping them. Yes, Betta splendens will survive in half a litre of water- but they will not thrive for long.

Mature males are frequently kept in large jam jars and are often displayed that way in shops. Such commercial practices are maintained by frequent water changes hopefully to remove wastes such as uneaten food, faeces and any ammonia and nitrite build up.

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Using small containers is not good practice for keeping your pets, however. Let us keep fish and not torture them by confining them in small containers or keeping them in the bottom of vases. A current American fad of selling Bettas in Peace Lily vases is a deplorable practice. Adult male Bettas may be housed temporarily in 5cm x 5cm "barracks", partitioned from each other within a larger aquarium with good filtration flow.

Smaller amounts of water are satisfactory for transportation, exhibition and temporary housing. A surface area of squ. Fry can be raised in 50 litre tanks. Selling fish in small containers may be profitable retailing but it is very poor aquaculture and cruel animal husbandry.

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The fish do not do well and develop disease because of confined spaces are conducive to poor water quality. I once rescued four, small male Bettas from a pet shop in that sold them in containers that held less than half a litre of water as well as a handful of dirty gravel and a stiff, plastic plant! The fish were already showing curled gill plates from nitrite poisoning and the stress of cold temperatures. The shop staff was dumb-founded when I complained of their cruelty.

If you see such examples of poor fish culture, telephone the RSPCA, who will take action if the fish are stressed. Bettas in large jars and bowls : maintenance information. Be a responsible Betta fan: house your Bettas in suitable containers or tanks. Each chalet has a shaded patio with barbecue facilities and seating area from where you can enjoy the exquisite sunset over the Namib. Skip to content. Find us on Booking. Guests love us TripAdvisor We can recommend this hotel and campsite. What people are saying about Betta Camp Anyone, who visits our place leaves us well fed and in a great mood!

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It fits a nice amount of rocks a small plant, and a moon rock cave also bought from walmart but can't seem to find online. Customer Service. Upcoming Events. Its compact size and minimalist design lend itself easily to nearly any setting. Betta fish, native to Southeast Asia, live in shallow pools of water.

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The south-western outback. Do you value relaxing, friendly atmosphere? Our interior will sway your mood! Coordinates —